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How much does a wedding cake cost?

This seems like a simple question, but there are many variables to consider when planning

and pricing a wedding cake.

Your wish is that your wedding day is full of magical memories – the dress, the venue, the

ceremony, and the cake. In fact, the cake is a central part of the proceedings and another

perfect opportunity to wow and delight your family and friends.

3 tier white wedding cake with a floral arrangement

Once you have exchanged your vows and enjoyed the wedding breakfast, then the party can

begin. With the formalities over, your guests, some of whom may not have seen each other

in years, get together to dance, laugh and have a good catch-up. With the reception in full

swing, traditionally, cutting the cake brings the wedding party back together to celebrate

with the newlywed couple.

As you symbolically cut and share your cake, you also share your love and sense of unity

with all present. At this point, you become the focus of attention once again, and so you

want your cake, the centrepiece, to be a talking point for years to come—a lasting memory

of a fantastic day.

What makes a showstopping cake?

A cake that includes personal touches, such as elements from the wedding dress details,

hand-dyed silk ribbon to trim the cake or bespoke royal iced decorations, creates that

feeling of tailor-made luxury.

It goes without saying that the more detailed and intricate the design of your cake, the more

hours it will take, thus impacting costs.

A cake that tastes as delicious as it looks: how about a pink champagne sponge filled with

fresh strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream, pistachio and lime or even a tiramisu cake?

Similarly, a luxury cake company will bake from scratch, using the finest quality ingredients

rather than a shop-bought sponge or packet mix, and this, of course, takes a lot more time

and resources, not only in the baking but in the research to create the perfect cake and

ultimately will be more expensive but believe me, it will be so worth it!

4 tier whte wedding cake with roses

What kind of flavours do you want?

I love vanilla, but even a really good vanilla sponge isn’t as memorable as a pistachio and


Or how about a blond fudge cake layered with caramel buttercream, homemade caramel

sauce and fudge pieces or even a tiramisu cake?

Out-of-the-ordinary flavours will add cost, and when cake designers bake from scratch

instead of using box mixes and shop-bought fillings, this will also have a cost implication.

However, there is no comparison between a shop-bought sponge and something crafted

with care in an artisan setting. Your centrepiece has to taste as good as it looks.

How large a wedding cake do you want?

Smaller, intimate weddings may only require a petite cake in terms of portions for your

guests, but you may still wish to impress your wedding party with a grand centrepiece.

This is where ‘dummy’ tiers come in. They can create the illusion of size, giving you the look

of the statement piece you want. Alternatively, there are reusable cake stands and plinths

that can add originality to your design, providing a more economical and eco-friendly way to

achieve a cake of impressive proportions.

It is, therefore, important in the planning stages when deciding on your cake budget to

realise the amount of time, effort and craft that goes into creating a spectacular bespoke

wedding cake and to bear in mind that the quality of ingredients used by a luxury cake

supplier will be of a much higher standard than many less expensive cake makers use.

Be realistic about what your budget is in terms of getting the cake of your dreams, and

understand that if you want this level of perfection, you may need to stretch the budget a

little further.

Will you decorate your cake with fresh flowers or sugar flowers?

This a controversial point for some. Many fresh flowers are toxic and should not be placed

on a cake for fear of contamination.

I have placed beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers on cakes in the height of summer,

only to watch them wilt before my eyes. When you think about how long the cake is out

before the photographs are taken, wilted flowers don’t do the florist or the cake designer

any favours. Who wants a photo of themselves cutting a cake with sad flowers on it?

Your other option is sugar flowers. I love making these.

They are always food-safe and can be made to match your bouquet. These can take days to

make and last for decades after your wedding, so they are a wonderful keepsake of your

day. When you are paying for your sugar flowers, you are paying for a high level of skill.

When planning your wedding, the wedding cake can be a sizeable part of the

budget, but my question is, how much are memories worth to you?

Cakes are hand-crafted items. Your cake designer may have invested

thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours so that they can create the

perfect centrepiece that you and your guests will love and talk about for years

to come.

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