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Luxury wedding 
Cake Design

where flavour is everything

Oozing flavour with every bite

At Rosehill Cake Studio, I’m proud to create mouthwatering cakes that ooze flavour and deliciousness in every bite.


Rosehill’s bespoke wedding cake flavours result from years of testing and perfecting to produce a range of truly mouthwatering cakes using the finest quality ingredients.


On your wedding day, you deserve cake that tastes as good as it looks. 

Rosehill cake studio - Cake flavours and Samples box with 5 flavours

The Rosehill flavour philosophy

Flavour is more than taste - it’s emotionally charged and evocative. Its power can delight, transporting you back to childhood, joyous family gatherings or celebrating your heritage.


My wedding cakes are highly personal and tailored to your palate and memories. They recreate your happiest moments through meaningful flavours.

My flavours are a talking point for your wedding guests, bringing people together in every delicious bite.


Getting the basics right is essential. I use the best butter, locally sourced eggs, premium flours, essences and chocolate in all my wedding cakes.

It’s the perfect union when great flavour comes together with incredibly soft sponge and exquisite decoration.

Bespoke wedding cake flavours

Crowd Pleasers - classic combinations with a luxury twist

Something as unique as a wedding cake should taste out of this world. Imagine tastebud perfection, where every flavour explodes your senses and leaves you craving another bite.

Think sweet, tart raspberries with the soft creaminess of white chocolate, tangy passionfruit enveloped in silky mango buttercream, or subtle hints of cinnamon with buttery caramel and freshly ground coffee. 

Vanilla with vanilla bean buttercream and strawberry conserve

A classic vanilla bean sponge rippled with soft vanilla bean buttercream and lashings of strawberry conserve. Made using luxury Nielsen-Massey pure vanilla bean paste.

Lemon with lemon curd buttercream

A fresh, tangy lemon sponge infused with fragrant lemon zest and zesty lemon syrup, filled with homemade lemon curd buttercream. 

Rich Chocolate with white chocolate buttercream

An intensely dark chocolate sponge made using premium Van Houten intense black cacao, generously filled with melt-in-the-mouth white chocolate ganache buttercream.

Raspberry and white chocolate and fresh raspberries

A classic vanilla bean sponge filled with raspberry conserve and soft white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream, topped with fresh and freeze-dried raspberries. 

Raspberry Bakewell with almond buttercream

Who doesn’t love a taste of childhood? A nutty almond-flavoured sponge with almond buttercream and tart raspberry conserve.

Blonde Fudge with caramel sauce and fudge pieces:

A buttery, caramel-flavoured sponge with caramel buttercream, a silky homemade caramel sauce made using the finest Maldon sea salt flakes, finished with moreish fudge pieces. Caramel heaven. 

Carrot Cake with spiced rum sultanas and white chocolate buttercream

A moist and moreish favourite made with spiced rum-soaked sultanas and filled with Rosehill’s famous white chocolate ganache buttercream.

Standing out from the crowd

for couples with adventurous tastes

Pistachio and Lime with lime curd buttercream

 A zingy sponge rippled with crunchy pistachio pieces and filled with homemade lime curd buttercream.

Rich Chocolate Orange infused with orange syrup

A fresh, tangy lemon sponge infused with fragrant lemon zest and zesty lemon syrup, filled with homemade lemon curd buttercream. 

Dirty Chai Latte with spiced caramel sauce

Awaken the senses with this subtly spiced cardamon and cinnamon sponge filled with a spiced sweet caramel and cappuccino ganache.

Sticky Toffee with salted caramel

A soft, decadent sponge made with Medjul dates and dark muscovado sugar, oozing with homemade caramel sauce and vanilla bean buttercream. The perfect marriage of pudding and cake. 

Toffee Apple Crumble with crunchy caramel and hazelnut brittle

A sticky, rich sponge flecked with fresh apple pieces and filled with homemade caramel sauce, vanilla bean buttercream and hazelnut brittle.  Perfect for Autumn or any season! 

Crème Brulee with vanilla custard and cinder toffee

Filled with a rich vanilla bean custard and generously sprinkled with crushed cinder toffee, this caramel sponge is a twist on the French classic.

Pornstar Martini Mango with passionfruit curd

A mango-flavoured buttermilk sponge filled with sweet mango buttercream, bursting with fresh passionfruit and homemade passionfruit curd. Light as a feather.

Choose from American buttercream, Swiss meringue buttercream, ganache or ganache buttercream.


Average investment is £1200 for a three-tiered fondant cake.

The whole experience of the first visit had me so relaxed and beaming from ear to ear.
The cake tasting 👌 Wow 😍
What a amazing collection of flavours she has.

~Leigh and Rob Atherton

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Exquisite Wedding Cake?

Book a tasting consultation and sample five heavenly cake flavours in the comfort of my Lancashire cake studio.

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