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Luxury Wedding Cake designer in Lancashire & beyond

Lovingly crafted wedding cakes for foodies with an eye for detail.

Bespoke wedding cakes that take centre stage

When planning your wedding or celebration, you want a magnificent cake, full of flavour, artistry and flair. A creation that excites you, leaves you speechless and sparks conversation. 

At Rosehill Cake Studio, you’ve found a kindred spirit, someone who cares about the little details as much as you do and surpasses your expectations. 

Expect extraordinary, show-stealing cake made just for you using the finest quality ingredients. 

Let’s create something spectacular together. 

Luxury Wedding Cake - 3 tiers
3 tier white luxurt cake with floral decoration

"We had such and amazing day. The cake was absolutely incredible, both to look at and to taste"

- Sam and Dan Widdup

Luxury wedding cake design inspired by you.

Mouthwatering wedding cakes to wow your tastebuds 

Have you ever tried a gorgeous-looking cake only to be underwhelmed by the taste? Expect cake that tastes as good as it looks. 

Attention to detail is everything 

Weddings are about love, personality and style. Whether it’s an intricate outfit detail, an unforgettable holiday, or a favourite artwork, your cake will tell your story. 

Dazzling cakes to captivate 

Expect unique colours and designs, intricate sugar flower work and accomplished artistry to delight your guests. Think dreamy, inventive and perfectly you.

Impeccable service from concept to creation 

From our first consultation to setting up and unveiling your cake, expect a relaxing, fun and enjoyable experience. Many of my cakes can be made without using gluten, dairy or eggs so allergies or intolerances are no problem. 

bespoke wedding cakes

The Signature Collection

wedding cakes

The Signature Collection - rosehill cake studio


Rosehill cakes Studio wedding Cake samples

Wedding cake 

Luxury wedding cakes
Delivered throughout the North West

I’m Margaret Levy, a wedding cake designer, and I’m proud to own Rosehill Cake Studio in Lancashire.

People describe my wedding and celebration cakes as works of art - a description that brings to life my approach to cake design and presentation. 

My cakes are sought after by couples across the UK, including those looking for luxury wedding cakes in the North East, North West and Wales. I work with people as far afield as Europe, designing luxury cakes for destination weddings. 

I take one commission a week. This approach allows me to dedicate myself to creating showstopping cakes and a personalised experience for my clients. 

Margeret Levy Decorating a cake
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